Creating a My RealLegal Account
Enrolling with E-Transcript Signatures

Before you begin downloading E-Transcript Reporter Edition, create a My RealLegal account and enroll with the RealLegal E-Transcript Signatures service.


To create a My RealLegal account:

  1. Visit

  2. Click the Create a RealLegal account link that is below the RealLegal Login heading.

  3. Complete the form, make a note of your user ID and password (you will need it when you enroll with E-Transcript Signatures), and then click Save. You are sent a link in an e-mail to verify your e-mail address.

  4. Open your e-mail, open the e-mail RealLegal sent to you, and click the link (or copy the link and paste it into your browser’s Web address field). The My RealLegal E-mail Verification page opens.

  5. Click Continue. The Welcome to My RealLegal page opens.

  6. Type your user ID and password in the fields provided and then click Login. You have successfully created a My RealLegal account.

To enroll with RealLegal E-Transcript Signatures:

Create a My RealLegal account at  Be sure to follow all the on-screen instructions. For example, after you create your profile, check your e-mail, and click the link as instructed.

  1. After you creating your My RealLegal account either:


  1. Click Enroll Now. Because you have already created a My RealLegal account, you do not need to create a user profile. The E-Transcript Signatures pages opens with an arrow pointing to Print Form.   

  2. Click Yes, display form. The Reporter/Participant Enrollment Form opens. Notice the Print link on the top left.

Important: The form is a legal document that RealLegal keeps on file to prove you are a certified court reporter. You must print it, sign it, notarize it, and mail it RealLegal if you intend to sign transcripts electronically.

  1. Click the Print link to print the form and then click Done.

  2. On the E-Transcript Signatures Enrollment page, click the Continue link to open the E-Transcript Signatures Home page.

Note: The red text at the top of the page reads "Pending approval," indicating that RealLegal will not allow you to sign transcripts electronically until it receives the notarized Reporter/Participant Enrollment Form.

  1. Follow the instructions on the form you printed and sign it in the presence of a notary public.


  1. Mail the form to RealLegal (RealLegal LLC | 7995 E. Prentice Ave. | Ste. 303 | Greenwood Village, CO 80111).

After RealLegal receives the notarized form, it will approve you as an authorized signor of electronic transcripts.