Overview of  Reporter Edition

Reporter Edition enables you to import transcripts, edit transcripts, attach turn-in sheets to transcripts, sign transcripts electronically, and send them to production departments that use E-Transcript Manager or other reporters who use Reporter Edition, without using a traditional e-mail application. The production department or other reporters can edit transcripts and send them back to you.

Multiple Production Departments Allowed

If you work for more than one production department, each production department can send you a Reporter Edition invitation. The first invitation you receive installs Reporter Edition on your computer when you click the link and sets up a Mailbox for the production department that sent it. The following invitations you receive set up Mailboxes for each department, again, when you click the links in the e-mails.

After multiple Mailboxes are set up, you can choose which production department to send transcripts to.

RealLegal E-Transcript Signatures: E-Transcript Signatures verify the authenticity of RealLegal E-Transcripts. The production department can check the authenticity of signatures. If a transcript is altered after signing, the signature is invalidated. If you need to edit a signed transcript, you can re-sign the transcript. When you send transcripts from Reporter Edition to the production department you have the option to sign or not to sign the transcripts.   

How to Obtain Signatures: Contact the production department for which you are signing transcripts. The company might be able to provide signatures. To purchase signatures from My RealLegal: Visit https://sign.reallegal.com/, log in, click Purchase More Signatures, and follow the instructions on the screen.   

How You Obtain Reporter Edition: If you subscribe to RealLegal products, you receive Reporter Edition licenses as part of the package; however, in most cases freelance reporters receive Reporter Edition from production departments. Production departments send an e-mail that includes a link to install Reporter Edition software.

Sending and Receiving from Other Court Reporters: You can send transcripts to and receive transcripts from the production department and other reporters who send transcripts to the same production department.   

My RealLegal: Becoming a member of My RealLegal is free. My RealLegal (https://my.reallegal.com/) is a central Web site, requiring a single password, from which you can access multiple RealLegal Web-based services, including E-Transcript Reporter Edition and other tools for court reporters.

The user ID and password you create for My RealLegal allows you to log in to the E-Transcript Signatures page as well. You still would need to verify your identity with RealLegal if you intend to sign transcripts electronically, but you can log in with your My RealLegal user ID and password. Likewise, if you do not have a My RealLegal account and go straight to the E-Transcript Signatures Web page (https://sign.reallegal.com/), click Enroll Now and enroll with E-Transcript Signatures, the user ID and password you create works for My RealLegal as well.    

The Mailbox: The Mailbox is an administrative tool that processes transcripts and turn-in sheets sent back and forth between reporters and productions departments. For security purposes, the Mailbox is accessible only through RealLegal E-Transcript Manager; outsiders cannot view the Mailbox, and the Mailbox is not listed as an option on the My RealLegal Web site. The Mailbox is not accessible to general users of the World Wide Web.

Reporter Edition interacts with:

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