The E-Transcript Manager Suite of Products

RealLegal E-Transcript Manager and RealLegal E-Transcript Viewer, the application that displays RealLegal E-Transcripts, are the most visible products; however, several other applications work with E-Transcript Manager.   

RealLegal E-Transcript Viewer

E-Transcript Manager produces RealLegal E-Transcripts. Court reporters use E-Transcript Manager for importing and managing transcripts. Attorneys use E-Transcript Viewer to work with RealLegal E-Transcripts, including using the word index and printing the transcript. Attorneys can obtain E-Transcript Viewer in one of the following ways:

My RealLegal (

My RealLegal is integrated with E-Transcript Manager. For example, when you activate E-Transcript Manager, My RealLegal processes the activation. My RealLegal also plays an integral part in RealLegal Reporter Edition, Mailbox, and RealLegal E-Transcript Signatures.

RealLegal Reporter Edition

All communications between Reporter Edition and E-Transcript Manager are processed by My RealLegal. For no additional charge and from within E-Transcript Manager, you can e-mail a link to the Reporter Edition software to your freelance reporters. When they click the link, the software installs. After the installation, the reporters can e-mail you transcripts from Reporter Edition, and E-Transcript Manager, working with the Mailbox, automatically imports the transcripts.   


The Mailbox resides on My RealLegal. The Mailbox acts as an electronic liaison between E-Transcript Manager and Reporter Edition. When you upload a turn-in sheet for your freelance reporters, Mailbox stores it, and then delivers the turn-in sheet to the Reporter Edition software on the freelance reporter's computer. When the freelance court reporter sends you a transcript from Reporter Edition, the Mailbox stores the transcript temporarily and then sends it to E-Transcript Manager.    

RealLegal E-Transcript Signatures

When you sign a transcript with E-Transcript Manager or a reporter signs a transcript with Reporter Edition, My RealLegal processes the electronic signing.