What is a PTX file?

A PTX file does not include the RealLegal E-Transcript Viewer software. PTX files are not blocked by firewalls or virus protection software. To view a PTX file, E-Transcript Viewer must be installed on your client's computer. E-Transcript Viewer provides your client with the same features of the EXE file and the ability to launch any PTX file automatically. Your client can view, search, and print full-sized transcripts, condensed transcripts and word indexes. Select the PTX format if your client's firewall or virus protection software does not allow him to receive executable files. PTX files are smaller than EXE files, and if your client downloads files using a modem connection, the download time for a PTX file is significantly less than that for an EXE file. E-Transcript Viewer is free. Your client can obtain E-Transcript Viewer by contacting RealLegal at (888) 584-9988.

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